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Taking care of yourself means showing kindness towards yourself . This commitment to well-being can take many forms and Topicrem, France's No. 1 in France in protective moiturizing with ULTRA-MOISTURIZING Body Milk ¹, is ther to support you in your quest for comfort when caring for your body's skin. All skin types and particularly sensitive skin will find suppleness, soothing, hydration and nutrition thanks to our wide range of body products.

¹ Qlik – sale unit volume body milk 500ml – international scope – FY2022.

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  • Dry skin


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Body care for every problem

Just like our moods, the condition of our skin varies according to the seasons, stress levels, the environment, genetics... All these variables can lead to skin fragility and various manifestations: irritation, redness, flakiness, roughness, pigmentation spots, dehydration…
As specialist in dermocosmetics for over 30 years , we at the Topicrem laboratory, apply our expertise to the development of effective and relevant body and face cares . Our products offer solutions for all skin types, whatever their needs: moisturizing, nourishing, anti-scratching, anti-irritation, soothing, skin repair and sun protection. A wide range of resources for every aspect of body care! Did you know that our ULTRA-HYDRATING body milk is the number 1 moisturizing product in pharmacies¹?

A body product for all skin types

To help you maintain healthy skin, we have developed several specific body ranges. We strive to offer products that target the problems of different skin types according to their manifestations. Atopic skin does not in fact have the same needs as skin prone to flaking.

Discover the body range made for you:
Dry skin : ULTRA-HYDRATING : a must for skin looking for comfort and express hydration, one of the secrets of well-hydrated skin that is passed down from generation to generation for the whole family.
Dry to very dry skin: DERMOVÉGÉTAL . Our responsible range with a maximum of ingredients of natural origin, a vegan charter, eco-designed packaging. This expert range for dry and very dry skin offers deep, all-day nutrition, suitable for the whole family.
Very dry and atopic skin: DA PROTECT . Lipid-replenishing and soothing, this range of products provides instant relief from itching, scratching and irritation.
Pigment spots: MELA . Body skin can also suffer from pigment spots! To prevent and reduce them, try our unifying anti-spot body milk combined with MELA exfoliating bar.
Very dry, rough skin: UR . Our urea-rich range with a pleasant fragrance to smooth skin and prevent tightness.
Irritated skin: CICA+ . Infants and adults alike can benefit from the healing properties of this range which promotes epidermal repair thanks to its combination of copper, zinc, manganese and hyaluronic acid.
Scaly skin: PV/DS . Thanks to this Treatment Cleansing Gel, you can easily remove flaky skin.
Fragile infant skin: BABY . Toddlers' skin deserves special attention and our delicately scented orange blossom range is formulated to respect even the most delicate epidermis.

What's the best way to care for your body's skin?

Choose a gentle cleanser: To accompany you in this moment of relaxation, we offer several body cleansers available in cream, oil or shower gel form. The enveloping texture of our Dermovegetal shower cream is enriched with aloe vera, a moisturizing and soothing active ingredient for the whole family's skin. Our best selling ultra-moisturizing best-seller available in Shower Oil or Shower Gel is perfect for the whole family's sensitive and dry skin, as well as babies' scalps. It provides hydration, comfort and softness for a real moment of well-being. Our body cleansing gels can be adapted to your needs:2 in 1 cleansing gel for baby's fragile skin, DA PROTECT superfatted cleansing gel for very dry to atopic skin, PV-DS cleansing gel for flaky skin and scalps.
Exfoliate: Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, promoting cell renewal. Use a gentle scrub once or twice a week to reveal smoother, brighter skin. For a skin-friendly scrub, rely on our ULTRA-HYDRATING Gentle Scrub , both gentle and extremely effective in eliminating dead cells and restoring new skin.
Moisturize your body: Like your face, the skin on your body needs its daily dose of moisture to keep it soft and itch-free. After your shower or bath, take the time to apply a milk, a balm, an oil or a cream according to your needs, your desires, or the season.
Avoid extreme exposure: Protect your skin from the sun by using moisturizing creams in the depths of winter and applying sun protection on sunny days. Discover our SUN PROTECT range to protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays.

Our recommendation for supple and hydrated skin all year round: Nothing beats our ULTRA-HYDRATING Body Milk which provides 48 hours of hydration and which penetrates in the blink of an eye! Very dry and itchy prone skin will find the necessary comfort and soothing relief in our DA PROTECT Emollient Balm. If you have very dry and atopic skin, DA PROTECT Emollient Oil is ideal. Specially formulated for the most demanding epidermis, our micro-emulsion oil transforms into milk when applied to damp skin for intense nourishment and pleasure of use. If you are pregnant, choose our CICA+ Stretch Marks and Scars Concentrated Oil to prevent and reduce: marks, scars and stretch marks.

What texture should I choose for my body care?

We are committed to offering body and face products that are effective, but also pleasant to use on a daily basis. The galenics, i.e. the texture of our skincare products, , is designed to facilitate application and offer you a moment of relaxation and well-being. We are convinced that to establish a lasting habit such as applying a body cream every day, the care product in question needs to have a sensorial texture, pleasant to the touch and a pleasant scent. Our body milks penetrate quickly, making them ideal for busy mornings! They are ideal for those who want an instant shot of hydration without spending too much time on it The creamy texture of our emollient body balm is ideal for offering your skin a moment of comfort. Why not take the time to massage your child with it, for a moment of calm and relaxation? Our body oils are available in non-greasy or rich versions toto suit every stage of life, from pregnancy to the simple need to hydrate and beautify your skin. With or without fragrance, depending on the range chosen, our body products combine dermatologically-renowned active ingredients with a pleasant formula that's quick and easy to apply.