TOPICREM DERMOVÉGÉTAL, our ultra-nourishing and environmentally-friendly range that protects dry to very dry skin, to reduce itching.

TOPICREM DERMOVEGETAL CORPS, our nourishing Vegan¹ & environmentally-engaged² range for the whole family

What is dry skin?

The hydrolipidic film, which protects the skin, is made up of water and oil. Very dry skin lacks oil and the barrier created by the hydrolipidic film no longer functions optimally. Insensible water loss is therefore higher, and external aggressors penetrate more easily.


DERMOVEGETAL , our nourishing range, environmentally-engaged for the whole family²

Our DERMOVEGETAL range is formulated for dry and very dry skin or dry hair for the whole family² . It offers a nutritious alternative to the ULTRA-MOISTURIZING range when your skin becomes extremely dry during periods of extreme cold or stress. Our creamy, melting DERMOVEGETAL provides a silky, velvety finish, and its unique active texture helps repair the skin barrier, giving an immediate sensation of comfort.
Our DERMOVEGETAL range is committed to limiting its impact on the environment? with active ingredients of plant origin and eco-designed packaging. Like the rest of TOPICREM's ranges, our DERMOVEGETAL range is made in France.

DERMOVÉGÉTAL, our body cream

Enjoy an ultra-nourishing body cream every day that nourishes the driest skin for 48 hours*. An eco-responsible innovation for taking care of yourself without compromising on effectiveness.

A rich texture: Our DERMOVEGETAL ultra-nourishing body cream is distinguished by its creamy texture, SMOOTHand melting on application, leaving a velvety, enveloping and soft “second skin” effect, with no greasy finish. Sunflower Lecithin ensures perfect affinity with the skin, enabling optimal penetration of active ingredients for visible and long-lasting results, reinforcing the skin barrier for deep, long-lasting hydration.

Vegan and eco-responsible commitment: with our DERMOVEGETAL ultra-nourishing body cream , we are committed to greater eco-responsibility. Our formula is 96% ingredients of natural origin, and complies with our vegan charter. The eco-designed packaging incorporates recycled plastic for resolutely ethical care.

Moisturizing and nourishing family care: Designed for the whole family, dermatologically and pediatrically tested, our cream moisturizes for 48 hours, deeply nourishes, and facilitates quick dressing, ideal for all dry to very dry skin.

Hydrated and nourished skin: our DERMOVEGETAL body cream guarantees intensely nourished skin, softer and soothed from tightness.

*Instrumental test on 22 subjects

DERMOVÉGÉTAL, our Shower Cream

Our DERMOVEGETAL Shower Cream is the cleansing care that combines effectiveness, naturalness and respect for the skin. A sensory experience that provides hydration and nutrition for the whole family. Discover the benefits of this exceptional formula, made up of 97% ingredients of natural origin.

A natural and beneficial formulation: DERMOVÉGÉTAL Shower Cream draws its softness from aloe vera extract, an ingredient renowned for its moisturizing, repairing and soothing properties.

A long-lasting moisturizing effect: From the first use, the skin regains its water balance, significantly reducing the feeling of cutaneous dryness.

Soft and nourished skin: The skin is soft, nourished and comforted. The creamy texture of the formula envelops the skin in a delicate veil, leaving a subtle floral scent. Each application becomes a moment of well-being, contributing to a care routine that combines efficiency and sensoriality.

DERMOVEGETAL, our Solid Shampoo

Experience supple, shiny, intensely moisturized hair with our DERMOVEGETAL Solid Shampoo . Enriched with organic dried coconut pulp oil, a formula that gives your dry hair all the care it needs.

Creamy texture and delicious fragrance: The abundant and creamy foam of our DERMOVEGETAL Solid Shampoo transforms your hair ritual into a real moment of well-being. Let yourself be enveloped by the delicate scent of oats and honey, an olfactory experience that will awaken your senses.

Ecological commitment: We are committed to more eco-designed formulas. The formula contains 93% ingredients of natural origin and respects our vegan charter. Our solid shampoo is designed without waterwhich means less product needs to be packaged, and the packaging contains no plastic or over-wrapping. The cardboard case comes from sustainably managed forests.

Gentle and nourishing cleansing: Our solid shampoo gently cleanses while nourishing dry hair. Organic dried coconut pulp oil, chosen for its perfect affinity with the scalp and hair, deeply nourishes, smoothes the hair fiber and protects it.

¹Free from ingredients of animal origin

²Except DERMOVEGETAL Solid Shampoo, to be used from 3 years old