Our values

Our values

TOPICREM is the flagship brand of the French pharmaceutical laboratories Mayoly, players in health since 1909. The history of TOPICREM is one of heritage, a family legacy and dermatological know-how to “take care of your skin ".

From plants to dermo-cosmetics, 100 years of expertise.

It all began in an independent French laboratory, Mayoly, a family-run group that has been handed down from generation to generation for ever 100 years.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the French pharmaceutical industry was booming. Pioneers since 1909, Mayoly laboratories developed and manufactured medicines based on plant extracts. Today, the laboratory has extended its expertise to cover both everyday and chronic illnesses, as well as food supplements and dermo-cosmetics.

Our values

1993: our iconic TOPICREM body milk is born from a love story!

It is also a story of man and family transmission since TOPICREM was created by a pharmacist father for the well-being of his son.

In 1993, Jean-Gilles VERNIN, president of our pharmaceutical laboratory, asked his teams to develop a formula that would soothe his son's itching and redness.

The research and development laboratory took up the challenge and designed an emulsion with a fluid, non-sticky texture that penetrates instantly. Our iconic ULTRA-HYDRATING Body milk was born!

TOPICREM was then marketed, and its success was immediate! For over 30 years, our Ultra-Hydrating Body Milk has been THE moisturizing reference for millions of families around the world (1 milk sold every 15 seconds¹). Today, it is the #1 selling moisturizing body lotion in pharmacies in France².


TOPICREM, over 30 years of effectiveness and inclusiveness

There's nothing more annoying than itchy, tight, sensitive skin. Did you know that 83%³ of people say they are at least “a little bothered” by their skin ? The skin is the mirror of our emotions; it reflects our sensitivity and can quickly make us lose our confidence when it is not in its best.

86%³ of people see this feeling of discomfort caused by their skin reduced thanks to dermo-cosmetic products. At TOPICREM, we want to bring you this well-being. We believe that a positive mindset allows you to enjoy all the moments of life, and to overcome even the most delicate ones. Healthy and protected skin makes you feel more confident and more open to others. Our mission for over 30 years has been to make this positivity possible by bringing a smile back to all skin types, even the most sensitive!

TOPICREM helps people, on a daily basis, to believe in the strength and resilience of their skin , sothat they can rediscover the pleasure of sharing positive moments with themselves and others.

  • A French brand, international reach

    Committed to serving sensitive skin, the TOPICREM team has been designing its formulas since its creation in our research & development laboratory in Dammarie-Les-Lys (77) . All our TOPICREM products are manufactured in France, with priority given to our production site located in Île-de-France.

    Made in France yes, but used all over the world! Now present in nearly 80 countries, the TOPICREM brand is distributed in over 30,000 pharmacies and points of sale and we work with over 10,000⁴ healthcare professionals worldwide.

  • Proud to be your Well-Being Dermatology brand

    Today, the TOPICREM team is driven every day by the desire to offer solutions to all the problems of sensitive skin by combining dermatological expertise and well-being.

    Whatever your age, your skin color or your sensitive skin issues, we are here to provide your skin with protective hydration and you, positive energy. With confidence with TOPICREM, you will learn to love your sensitive skin iso you can focus on what's important and enjoy lifeto the full!

  • You + TOPICREM, The most beautiful and trusted duo!

    You will have understood, our inspiration comes from you... you who love to live and share simple joys, but whose sensitive skin all too often reminds you of them.

    Your skin accompanies you throughout your life, it reflects your emotions, allows you to feel each moment intensely. Whether you feel good about yourself or not, it should not become a constant concern and should be forgotten!

    By taking care of your skin, TOPICREM takes care of you and your skin every day. More than a skincare product, TOPICREM is your daily compagnion for regaining confidence in your skin... regaining your self-confidence iand enjoy life to the fullest!


TOPICREM conveys 5 core values

In short, TOPICREM has been passed down from generation to generation because we are:

A FAMILY brand: By its history and all the generations who use it on a daily basis.

An EFFECTIVE & HIGH TOLERANCE brand: Through its reasoned formulation charter which guarantees effectiveness and tolerance for all skin sensitivities.

A GENEROUS & INCLUSIVE brand: Through its generous product formats, which can be passed on, shared, and are aimed at all sensitive skin, each one counting as much as the next.

An AUTHENTIC brand: through its advertising campaigns featuring its employees or consumers rather than professional models.

A SIMPLE & POSITIVE brand: Through its anchoring in families daily lives , offering stress-free routines with a positive emotional impact.

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