Our BABY range helps you take care of your baby with complete confidence with cares and cleansers to soothe and nourish their sensitive skin
TOPICREM BABY, our care range for toddlers

Taking care of your baby with confidence is a concern for all parents, especially when it comes to choosing the cosmetics that will accompanythe baby's cleansing ritual. From their composition, to their scent and effectiveness, every detail counts when it comes to choosing the baby range which will gently cleanse and moisturize. We have developed a line of skincare dedicated to the sensitive skin of infants and babies, to make bath time or cleansing a pleasant and special moment. A range that embodies excellence and well-being in care for baby's delicate skin

Why choose our Topicrem BABY range?

Using a skincare range specifically designed for babies is recommended for several important reasons related to the specific needs of little ones' delicate skin. As an expert in dermo-cosmetics, we have developed formulations that combine effectiveness and respect for the skin barrier of the most sensitive skin such as that of infants and young children . So you can adopt our baby care routine with complete peace of mind!

Products formulated for baby's sensitive skin: Babies' skin is much thinner and more delicate than that of adults. It is also more prone to dryness and irritation. Our Topicrem BABY care products are formulated with gentle ingredients adapted to the specific needs of little ones' skin, thus avoiding irritation and unwanted reactions.

Maintaining hydration: Our range of Topicrem BABY products, such as cleansing gel and moisturizing milk, are designed to maintain the skin's natural hydration. This helps prevent dryness while gently nourishing the skin.

Gentle and effective cleansing : The cleansing products in our BABY range, including a baby cleansing gel and a superfatted bar, are specially formulated to provide gentle and effective cleansing, eliminating impurities without compromising the skin's natural balance. They can be used with confidence on the body, face and scalp of infants and babies.

Tested under pediatric control: The Topicrem BABY range of care products has been subjected to rigorous tests under pediatric, dermatological and ophthalmological control to ensure their safety and effectiveness for use on babies' skin. Young parents can therefore trust our products with their eyes closed!

Create a soothing care ritual: Using our BABY care range helps create soothing and enjoyable rituals, promoting parent-child bonding and providing special, tender moments during daily care. We know that our little ones love daily routines!

A “madeleine de Proust” perfume: The smell of our babies is an essential component of the bond of attachment in addition to bringing us back to precious memories. The treatments in the Topicrem BABY range have a delicate scent of orange blossom, known for its soothing properties. A light trail accompanied by notes of bergamot and mandarin for a unique scent that your child will cherish throughout their life.

How to use TOPICREM BABY Ultra-Moisturizing Milk?

TOPICREM BABY Ultra-Hydrating Milk is a highly hydrating care product that protects and soothes the delicate skin of babies and infants. A creamy emulsion which is applied once a day to dry skin and which penetrates quickly.

The opportunity to take the time to massage baby for a moment of relaxation and shared complicity .