CICA+ is TOPICREM's cicatrizing range, it repairs and soothes marks, irritations, scars and stretch marks on the skin at every stage of your life

TOPICREM CICA+ Body, our repair range for life's superficial marks and irritations

The hazards of everyday life

Scratches, burns and redness caused by the sun, fire or wax, acne scars or minor injuries... our skin is often put to the test in our daily lives. In the event of a small wound or superficial damage, it's important to clean and use a suitable skin care product to avoid any form of scarring that lasts longer.

Our Topicrem CICA+ range is designed for irritated and sensitized skin. Formulated for the most fragile skin types, some of our products are suitable for infants, children, pregnant and breastfeeding women and adults.

CICA+ for effective skin repair for superficial wounds

CICA+ for effective skin repair for superficial wounds

CICA+ is our range that repairs the epidermis and soothes skin marks and irritations at every stage of life. Our CICA+ body and face products are formulated to take care of sensitive, weakened or irritated skin. Pregnancy, a dermatological procedure or even an accident can damage the epidermis and cause marks on the skin (stretch marks, small boo-boos, superficial irritations, etc.), which are difficult to attenuate and can influence your well-being. Our CICA+ range soothes, repairs and protects by offering effective skin care products that supports you every day.

TOPICREM CICA+ Soothing Repairing Cream

Our CICA+ Soothing Repair Cream has been specially formulated to soothe skin irritations in infants, children and adults, including chapping, chafing, redness of the seat, the aftermath of dermatological procedures, mosquito and chicken pox pimples, tattoos and the little bumps and bruises of everyday life.

Thanks to a unique combination of copper, zinc, manganese and hyaluronic acid, this cream promotes epidermal repairs in as little as 3 days and reduces the risk of bacterial proliferation. The presence of glycerin ensures optimal hydration while preserving the skin barrier.

Its easy-to-spread texture is neither greasy nor sticky, and it becomes transparent after application. Our CICA+ cream offers immediate relief, with 100%* soothed skin. It has been subjected to tests under pediatric, dermatological and gynecological control, and does not contain any perfume.

Our dermatological ingredients include copper, zinc and manganese gluconates, active ingredients that cleanse and repair the skin . Once you've achieved your desired results, you can continue to keep your body moisturized with our ULTRA-HYDRATAN T body range.

* % satisfaction – Clinical study under dermatological and gynecological control on 22 subjects for 28 days

TOPICREM CICA+ Concentrated Oil

Our CICA+ Concentrated Oil for stretch marks and scars reduces marks such as scars and prevents stretch marks while soothing the skin. This ultra-rich formula provides continuous nutrition and hydration for 24 hours.

Its enveloping oil texture promotes preventive massage against stretch marks, takes care of sensitive skin at every stage of life, improving cutaneous elasticity and relieving feelings of tightness. Maracuja concentrate restructures and reshapes the skin to visibly reduce scars and stretch marks. Camelina oil softens the skin, while sweet almond oil soothes skin discomfort and itching.

Our CICA+ Concentrated Oil has been dermatologically tested, and is suitable for everyone, from children to adults, including pregnant and breastfeeding women .

With a rich texture and a non-greasy, non-sticky finish , this oil releases fresh and delicate notes of fig leaves and jasmine, against a comforting floral background. For optimal results, apply in circular motions to the stomach, chest and buttocks, and upwards to the legs. For scars that have closed or are remodeling, gently smooth in the direction of the scar, with a more insistent palpating-rolling motion if the scar is more mature.

TOPICREM CICA+ face for irritated and/or weakened skin

Our restorative range for marks and superficial irritations of life. On a daily basis, our skin can be battered by a variety of factors: pollution, extreme temperatures, overheating, and the little bumps and bruises of everyday life...

Skin irritations can be a source of discomfort for sufferers. Our CICA+ range repairs the superficial marks and irritations of fragile or irritated skin, restoring its self-confidence on a daily basis. For the face, we recommend CICA+ smoothing cream.

The benefits of our CICA+ soothing repair cream

Skin repair : The CICA+ soothing repair face cream is rich in ingredients that promote cell regeneration, such as hyaluronic acid, zinc, copper and manganese. These active ingredients help accelerate the repair process of skin lesions, relieve superficial skin lesions by promoting healthier skin. Your skin regains its softness and smooth appearance day after day.

Soothing irritation: CICA + Soothing Repair Cream contains a soothing ingredient: bisabolol. Upon application, you feel immediate and lasting skin relief. Over time, your epidermis strengthens and is less subject to itching and tightness that irritation can cause.

Multi-use range: The CICA+ soothing restorative cream offers different solutions to everyday ailments such as scabs, chapped skin, tattoos, overheating, redness, chickenpox and mosquito spots and the aftermath of dermatological procedures. An all-in-one product that avoids accumulating tubes.

Suitable for the whole family: Our CICA+ Soothing Repair Cream has been developed specifically to treat skin irritations in infants, children and adults.

The benefits of our concentrated CICA+ stretch mark and scar oil

Prevention of scars: Thanks to the Maracuja oil present in our CICA+ concentrated oil, we stimulate the production of collagen, which helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks and promotes healing.

Immediate soothing: The sweet almond oil contained in our CICA+ concentrated oil provides relief from sensations of discomfort and tightness in the skin.

To reinforce the action of Maracuja and Sweet Almond oil, we have added Camelina oil, rich in Omega 3 (anti-inflammatory) and 6 (lipid-replenishing for the prevention of scars and stretch marks).

When your skin is no longer prone to irritation, you can upgrade your skincare routine with one of our targeted ranges. For always optimal hydration, opt for our legendary HYDRA+ range. Skin prone to hyperpigmentation can treat and prevent spots with our products from the MELA line. Atopic skin prone to eczema will find the necessary comfort with our DA PROTECT treatments.

How to use Topicrem CICA+ face?

Depending on the area concerned, several application methods are recommended. For scars that are closed and/or in the remodeling phase , we recommend that you apply CICA+ concentrated oil, smoothing and stretching in the direction of the scar. If the scar is more mature, do not hesitate to intensify the treatment using a palpation-rolling method. This targeted approach can help promote skin suppleness and reduce the appearance of scarring.

For irritated, sensitive and heated areas, we recommend using CICA+ Soothing Repair Cream.