Our skin is precious. A mirror of our emotions, it reflects our sensitivity to the world around us. At Topicrem, we believe that positivity allows us to enjoy all the moments of life, and overcome even the most delicate ones.

This is why since 2018, TOPICREM has been committed to the “Vivre Comme Avant” association.

For over 5 years now, Topicrem has been supporting women affected by breast cancer by getting involved, particularly during Pink October, alongside the association “Vivre Comme Avant”.


The association “Vivre Comme Avant”

Vivre Comme Avant is an association entirely dedicated to women suffering from breast cancer. It is run by women, volunteers, who have all experienced breast cancer. They offer to meet women while they are in hospital, or to talk to them by telephone at any time during their treatment.

Being accompanied by volunteers trained to listen and who have all gone through this ordeal is, for sick women, a valuable encouragement for the continuation of their treatments and also a factor of hope: life continues after cancer .

  • Le cancer du sein touche 60 000 femmes en France/an
  • Le dépistage est recommandé tous les 2 ans à partir de 50 ans
  • 7000 femmes ont été accompagnées par Vivre Comme Avant
  • 40 villes en France sont visitées par les bénévoles de l'association

TOPICREM with “Vivre Comme Avant” since 2018

The TOPICREM team was touched by the meaning of their solidarity mission: “A woman who has experienced breast cancer gives her time to help another woman facing the same experience”. A way of restoring confidence and looking at life with positivity.

TOPICREM is proud to be alongside this association managed and run by 100 committed women, all volunteers spread across more than 40 towns in France.



Our commitment to your well-being and that of our planet is at the heart of our mission.


SUN PROTECT: a committed range that respects your skin

Did you know that every year 25,000 tonnes of sunscreen are spilled into the oceans, seas and lakes, threatening marine biodiversity? (source: NGO Surfrider Foundation¹)

Driven by the desire to offer you the best, we have developed a solar range combining efficiency and respect for the environment. This is how SUN PROTECT was born.

From now on, with TOPICREM, protecting your skin from UVA/UVB rays combines well-being and responsibility! Because we believe in action, discover our initiatives without further delay.

Our actions for a more responsible future

With the SUN PROTECT range, TOPICREM is carrying out several actions to reconsider its environmental footprint.

  • 1. Selected components

    Committed to the well-being of your skin, we carry out a rigorous selection of the components of our solar products.

    Our strict formulation charter excludes mineral and nano filters, in favor of organic sun filters. Thanks to SPF 50+ protection, our formula guarantees complete protection against UVB and UVA rays, thus meeting the strictest standards of European regulations.

    But beyond protecting your skin, our mission includes the preservation of marine ecosystems. This is why our SPF50+ Moisturizing Sun Milk is subjected to rigorous ecotoxicity tests on the marine biodiversity of algae, corals and cnidarians (coral family), as well as to biodegradability tests of the formula².

  • 2. Packaging innovation: less plastic!

    Our production process has been carefully redesigned to minimize the impact of our products, and our packaging is no exception.

    Our eco-designed tubes contain at least 28% recycled plastic, and are 4.5g lighter than traditional versions. Result: - 21% plastic for our 200mL tubes, without compromising the quality of our products.

    But our commitment does not stop there. We have eliminated all unnecessary secondary packaging, thereby reducing our environmental impact.

    With SUN PROTECT , you do much more than take care of your skin, you actively participate in an ecological transition.



TOPICREM donates 1% of the amount from the sale of its products bearing the “ 1% for the Planet ” logo to an international network of organizations committed to protecting the environment.

We have chosen to donate the funds to Project Rescue Ocean : a dynamic association which carries out pollution control and awareness actions among young people.

PROJECT RESCUE OCEAN has already raised awareness among more than 20,000 children around the world. Its 1,500 active members have collected 500 tonnes of waste since 2015... An encouraging result for our oceans and their biodiversity!

Buying SUN PROTECT means actively participating in the preservation of our beautiful planet!

Nos collaborateurs vous expliquent


Every gesture counts!

We are all affected by the environmental challenges of our time, so let's join forces to find sustainable and meaningful solutions!

Aware that there is still a long way to go, the Topicrem laboratory has chosen a continuous improvement approach. It is a long-term commitment, which helps to combine well-being and respect for nature.

Join our history, our passion, our convictions! Every time you protect your skin with TOPICREM, you also protect our planet, and for that, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

¹Surfrider Foundation Europe: “Positioning on sun creams.” https://www.surfrider.eu/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/sunscreen-positionnement-surfriderfr.pdf

²ALGAE TEST: Evaluation of ecotoxicity on marine algae according to standard ISO 10523: 2016

CORAL TEST: Evaluation of ecotoxicity on coral cuttings after 96 hours

CNIDAR TEST: In vitro ecotoxicity test on cnidarian cells

BIODEGRADABILITY: Assessment of biodegradability according to the OECD 301F test over 28 days