CALM+, our face range for reactive skin prone to rosacea - based on Allantoin, fragrance-free, with light formulas for soothed skin
Discover the benefits of the TOPICREM CALM+ range

What do we call reactive skin?

Reactive skin is skin that presents unpleasant sensations (tingling, redness, itching, etc.) in response to stimuli that should not normally cause such sensations.

Reactive skin is a complex phenomenon which can be explained by different factors:

Genetic factors: Some individuals inherit genes that influence the skin's sensitivity to external stimuli.

Altered skin barrier: The skin barrier, composed of lipids, proteins and cells, plays a crucial role in protecting the skin against external aggressions. A weakened skin barrier can lead to infiltration of allergens and irritants, triggering inflammatory reactions. People with reactive skin often have alterations in the structure of this barrier, increasing their vulnerability to triggering factors.

Excessive immune response: Skin reactivity is closely linked to the skin's immune response. An excessive or dysfunctional immune response can cause inappropriate inflammatory reactions, thereby leading to reactive skin.

Environmental factors: Environmental aggressions, such as pollution, UV rays, dry climate, can contribute to skin reactivity. These external factors can compromise the skin barrier, trigger inflammatory responses, and lead to skin reactivity.


Why use CALM+ for reactive skin?

The TOPICREM CALM+ face range is ideal for countering these factors and helping you regain soothed skin.

Does your skin no longer seem to support anything? Is your skin prone to redness, heat or itching when you apply your usual care? TOPICREM has developed the CALM+ range to relieve skin that has become intolerant and reactive, or even prone to rosacea. A line of products formulated to soothe and restore the skin barrier to all the strength it needs. Find comfortable skin thanks to the CALM+ face range available in a complete routine. Our CALM+ range offers a moment of softness for your reactive skin.

If your skin also shows signs of irritation, you can use our CICA+ range with repairing and healing properties .

CALM+ soothing micellar water to cleanse facial skin

For an effective skincare routine, you must clean the skin thoroughly. This step helps eliminate impurities that have accumulated on the skin throughout the day and helps the treatments that follow to penetrate better . CALM+ Soothing Micellar Water perfectly cleanses and removes makeup while soothing the skin. Fragrance-free, tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control, it is perfectly suitable for sensitive skin and eyes.

CALM+ Soothing Fluid & Soothing Cream

The second step of the “calm skin” routine consists of applying a moisturizer to your face.

2 textures are at your disposal:

- CALM+ Soothing Fluid , with a lighter texture for reactive combination skin with a tendency to oily. Its light texture applies easily and penetrates instantly into the skin. Fragrance-free, coloring-free, formulated with few ingredients, this soothing treatment calms feelings of irritation and reduces skin sensitivity.
- CALM+ Soothing Cream with a smoother and richer texture for normal to dry reactive skin. Its more nourishing texture leaves no greasy finish and immediately comforts the skin. Without perfume or coloring, this soothing treatment calms feelings of irritation and reduces skin sensitivity.

CALM+ Daily Anti-Redness Cream

This Daily Anti-Redness Cream is specially formulated for skin prone to rosacea, i.e. skin prone to redness.

Suitable for all skin types, this cream contains SPF50+ to provide optimal protection against UV rays, which can aggravate redness.

Fragrance-free, but with a pleasant smell and no white marks, it can be applied daily, and can be used as a makeup base.

The skin is soothed and protected, redness reduced.

Very dry and atopic skin can turn to our DA PROTECT range, formulated to replenish lipids, soothe and hydrate.
For an anti-aging action, use our AH3 face range which targets the signs of skin aging.

What TOPICREM treatment for skin with imperfections?

As for oily skin prone to excess sebum and skin imperfections, they can use the TOPICREM AC CONTROL range .