Our AC CONTROL anti-imperfection facial range for combination to oily, acne-prone skin - An IN&OUT routine combining effectiveness and tolerance
Discover the benefits of our TOPICREM AC CONTROL Face range

Imperfections, spots, shine, blackheads and residual marks are all signs that can affect the daily life of combination to oily acne-prone skin.
TOPICREM has developed the AC CONTROL range, an IN&OUT routine that combines effectiveness and high tolerance to support every skin with imperfections, even the most sensitive. Thanks to AC CONTROL, regain confidence in yourself and your skin.


TOPICREM AC CONTROL for combination to oily skin

Laboratoires TOPICREM have developed a range of products to address the problems of combination, oily and/or blemished skin. AC CONTROL skincare helps you restore your confidence by improving the texture and quality of your skin. With each application, your skin regains its clarity and matte finish.

Why use our AC CONTROL range for acne?

Taking care of blemished skin requires patience and regularity. It must be hydrated without nourishing it to prevent pores from becoming clogged , cleanse it without drying it out, mattify shine without extinguishing the natural radiance of the complexion. By using our products specifically designed to control excess sebum while preserving hydration, you can find balanced, healthy skin free of traces of acne thanks to active ingredients such as zinc and achiote.

How to use our TOPICREM AC CONTROL range?

Oily skin can sometimes be difficult to control, but with our proper skincare routine, you can find purified skin with the luminosity needed for a healthy-looking glow. Discover the essential steps for a skincare routine suitable for combination to oily skin with TOPICREM AC CONTROL products.

Gentle but effective cleansing: The first crucial step in taking care of oily or combination skin is to carry out appropriate cleansing. Wash your face morning and evening to remove excess sebum, impurities and makeup with our TOPICREM range specially formulated for combination to oily, acne-prone skin. Opt for AC CONTROL Purifying Micellar Water which perfectly cleanses and removes makeup, even waterproof makeup. His strong point? It helps reduce excess sebum without drying out the skin. Then double cleanse your face with our cleansing gel from the same range. Its gentle cleansing base is soap-free so as not to attack the skin and stimulate the sebaceous glands.
Take the time to observe in the mirror the softness and clarity of your skin without tightness.

The importance of hydration: Oily skin, like all skin types, needs to be hydrated daily even though it may seem counterintuitive. “Hydrated” means providing water to our skin, while “nourished” means providing lipids. It is hydration that is essential even for oily skin. Daily hydration helps balance sebum production, preventing overproduction. Choose a lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturizer. It immediately soothes, restores skin comfort and provides intense hydration for 24 hours. You can also choose one of our treatments from the AC CONTROL range such as the Mattifying Treatment for combination to oily skin or the Balancing Treatment for acne-prone skin. These two products contain glycerin which provides 24 hours of hydration for your skin.

Regulate excess sebum with suitable skincare: Skincare products specially formulated to control excess sebum can work wonders on oily skin. Mattifying lotions, serums and creams can help reduce shine throughout the day.
After cleansing, apply our AC CONTROL mattifying treatment to the skin of the face, which lastingly mattifies the skin for 10 hours. Clay masks used once or twice a week are also effective in purifying the skin. Our AC CONTROL purifying mask absorbs excess sebum and tightens pores. It also reduces imperfections (sebaceous filaments, blackheads, etc.) and their marks for a tightened skin texture.

A routine adapted to each imperfection: In case of imperfections, apply our AC CONTROL anti-imperfection balancing treatment daily. Thanks to its innovative active ingredient, the Cutibacterium acnes bacteria, responsible for acne, is targeted and rebalanced. Imperfections are visibly reduced. In case of acne peak, apply our SOS treatment, the AC CONTROL intensive serum which acts from 2 nights on all signs of acne (pimples, blackheads, shine, marks).

Act from the inside for a result visible from the outside: TOPICREM also offers a Clean Skin food supplement solution dedicated to combination to oily skin to act from the inside thanks to a combination of Zinc, nettle and burdock, recognized for their seboregulatory actions.

Which product is used for isotretinoin treatment?

In certain cases of very severe acne, the dermatologist may prescribe a treatment based on isotretinoin which aims to stop the production of sebum.
Side effects are often dry skin with feelings of tightness and discomfort. This is why it is recommended to use a compensating cream to restore skin comfort. AC CONTROL Compensating Moisturizing Cream is specifically developed for oily skin, weakened by drying treatments. Skin comfort is regained after 3 days of use*
* Subjective evaluation of skin comfort under dermatological control, on 33 subjects, for 28 days. Result obtained in 88% of subjects.

In the case of isotretinoin treatment, the skin is even more sensitive to UVA/UVB rays, so it is strongly recommended to apply sun protection daily. The HYDRA+ SPF50 protective day cream , non-comedogenic, is ideal for this use.