DERMO SPECIFIC is composed of UR, PV/DS and PH5. Our dedicated products help you regain comfort for your body, face, scalp and hair.
TOPICREM DERMO SPECIFIC UR CORPS, our range for a light keratolytic action to smooth rough skin
How do you recognize rough skin?

How do you recognize rough skin?

Rough skin can be recognized by its rough, granular texture and scales: the "crocodile skin" effect. These signs are generally linked to a lack of hydration, but above all to abnormal skin cell renewal (hyperkeratinization).

TOPICREM UR, our urea-based range

TOPICREM UR, our urea-based range

However, it is possible to smooth skin and help it fight roughness with our UR Corps range, specifically developed for very dry, rough skin. Smoothing skin care to soften your skin thanks to the power of urea, a dermatological active ingredient of reference.

Our UR Corps range provides effective, light keratolytic care with a delicate scent, to smooth skin and reduce roughness in very dry, rough skin.

TOPICREM DERMO SPECIFIC PH5, our gentle shampoo

The product that gently cleanses the whole family's scalp¹. Topicrem's PH5 Gentle Shampoo is one of those multi-purpose products that can be used every day by children aged 3 and over, as well as adults. No need for multiple bottles of shampoo in the bathroom!

¹From 3 years

TOPICREM DERMO SPECIFIC PV-DS for Body, Face, Scalp and Hair
Treatment for scaly skin and dandruff conditions

Treatment for scaly skin and dandruff conditions

Scaly skin can be caused by a variety of factors, and often leads to discomfort in terms of skin comfort, but can also give rise to a physical complex. The appearance of dandruff on the scalp and skin that looks whitened and rough to the touch is a difficult condition for many people to live with. The appearance of dandruff on the scalp, and skin that looks whitened and rough to the touch, is difficult for many people to live with.

To target the problems of flaky skin, we have developed our PV-DS body and scalp care product, which helps eliminate flakes and reduce their appearance. A product that makes you feel good about yourself again!

UR-10, our anti-roughness smoothing cream

UR-10 Anti-Roughness Smoothing Cream is the ideal answer for rough and rough skin. This cream, enriched with 10% urea and beeswax, offers a complete solution for
restore hydration, restore the skin's protective film, intensely nourish and provide all the comfort that rough and rough skin needs.

An intensive action to regain supple skin:
Urea concentration of 10% combined with beeswax gives this cream an intensive action. Day after day, it makes the skin more supple, softer and more comfortable, eliminating the feeling of tightness
frequently associated with very dry and rough skin.

Proven results: Clinical studies carried out
under dermatological control, reveal convincing results. 100% of
Participants noted more supple and less rough skin, while 95% reported nourished and repaired skin*.

*Clinical study, 21 days with 21 subjects

Suitable for adults and children: The whole family from 3 years old can benefit from the benefits of the UR-10 and let themselves be carried away by its
delicate floral and woody notes. When your skin has regained its initial comfort, do not hesitate to maintain its good hydration with our DERMOVEGETAL range formulated for very dry skin.

UR-30, our soothing anti-roughness cream

UR-30 Soothing Anti-Roughness Cream is specially designed to meet the needs of localized thickened, hyperkeratotic, rough areas, such as keratosis pilaris, calluses and ingrown hairs. With a high concentration of 30% urea, this cream offers a complete solution by exfoliating, smoothing and reducing flakes, roughness and thickened areas, on the scalp, body and feet.

Smoothing action from the first use: Thanks to its high urea content, the UR-30 treatment visibly exfoliates and smoothes the skin from the first use. Scales, roughness and thickening are effectively reduced, providing an immediate sensation of softness and comfort.

Long-lasting soothing: Enriched with soothing marine prebiotic and Allantoin, this cream soothes itching and discomfort associated with thickened areas. Respecting the skin barrier, it offers lasting relief, making the skin more comfortable and supple with use.

A comfortable gel-cream texture: Let yourself be seduced by the comfortable, non-greasy and non-sticky gel-cream texture. Easy to apply, it absorbs quickly, leaving the skin visibly smoothed, soft and supple.

Proven effectiveness from 5 days: The results are remarkable with proven effectiveness from 5 days. Tested under dermatological control, this fragrance-free cream offers a pleasant smell, guaranteeing a moment of well-being during its application.

Scaly skin and scalp with a dandruff condition can turn to our PV-DS Cleansing Gel.

UR-10 Anti-Callus Foot Cream for soft feet

UR-10 Anti-Callus Foot Cream is daily care for very dry and damaged feet. With a 10% urea concentration, this cream intensely nourishes the feet, targeting rough areas and repairing heels prone to cracks and crevices.

A nourishing and restorative action: This cream offers an intensive hydration treatment for dry and damaged feet. Thanks to its 10% urea, it deeply hydrates, promotes skin regeneration and effectively repairs problem areas such as damaged heels. Feet regain softness and suppleness, calluses are reduced, and heels are repaired.

Rapid penetration: Enjoy the pleasant formula of UR-10 foot cream, fine and light, offering a non-sticky texture and a fragrance with floral and woody notes. Its rapid penetration allows you to put on shoes immediately after application.

Our PH5 shampoo for the whole family

Discover our PH5 gentle shampoo, a hair treatment that gently cleanses while preserving the delicate balance of sensitive scalp. A product for the whole family1 that can be used daily for shiny, soft-to-the-touch hair.

Gentle cleansing: Our PH5 Gentle Shampoo, enriched with diglycerol and tested under dermatological and ophthalmological controls, ensures delicate cleaning of the scalp, leaves the scalp and hair clean without attacking your delicate hair.

Optimal protection: Our unique formula for this shampoo protects and respects the scalp for stronger and repaired hair.

Frequent use tolerated: Our gentle formula allows frequent use. Suitable for all hair types, this shampoo can be used every day according to your needs.

Suitable for the whole family: Suitable for all ages, from 3 year olds to teenagers and adults. Ideal for sensitive scalps and delicate hair of young and old, our PH5 Gentle Shampoo meets the varied needs of each member of the family.

A pleasant and sensory texture: Enjoy a light and enveloping foam, easy and let yourself be carried away by the delicate fragrance with notes of apple, lilac, hyacinth, sandalwood and amber.

Which care routine should PH5 gentle shampoo be combined with?

For a moment of relaxation and well-being in the shower or bath, we recommend that you combine the softness of PH5 Shampoo with the comfort of our shower oil from the ULTRA-MOISTURIZING range for dry skin. Our shower oil will leave your skin supple, nourished and moisturized for 8 hours¹, thanks to the glycerine and olive oil derivative it contains. Application of our body cream from the same range is a must for thirsty skin looking to regain suppleness, hydration and softness. A cult treatment available in several formats, including a generous one for all family members.

¹ instrumental test on 22 subjects

TOPICREM PV-DS Body Cleansing Gel, the treatment that helps eliminate flaky skin

Topicrem PV/DS Cleansing Gel is specifically designed to meet the needs of skin prone to scaly skin. The formula, based on piroctone olamine, helps to eliminate scales and dandruff, reduces their appearance, promotes the elimination of dandruff and contributes to skin comfort.

Our Topicrem PV/DS Cleansing Gel is suitable for the whole family, from children aged 3 and over to adults, for the face, body, hair and scalp as well as external intimate areas. This versatile gel can be gently cleansed, leaves the skin hydrated, soothes feelings of discomfort and is even suitable for external intimate mucous membranes. Rigorously tested under dermatological and gynecological controls, it guarantees a gentle and safe experience.

How to use our PV-DS cleansing gel?

For optimal use, apply our gel on damp skin and hair, leave to act for 5 minutes (except for
external intimate areas, rinse directly), then rinse thoroughly. In case of
contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. You can alternate your
scalp care routine with our gentle pH5 shampoo.

What body care routine for flaky skin?

In addition to cleansing your skin and scalp with PV-DS cleansing gel, apply a rich, smoothing UR cream daily after showering or bathing to care for your flaky skin.
Choose a formula with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, shea butter, or sweet almond oil. Apply the cream generously, focusing on the driest areas. To hydrate your body's skin and regain suppleness and smooth skin texture, head to our UR and DA Protect ranges, formulated to take care of the most demanding skin. Maintaining an optimal hydration level is in fact essential to prevent the appearance of scales, so don't skip applying a body cream!

Also carry out a gentle exfoliation with our ULTRA-HYDRATING shower scrub once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells and promote cell renewal.