TOPICREM DA PROTECT, our range will be your anti-scratching and anti-irritation ally. This range is specialized for sensitive skin with atopic tendency.

The anti-itching and anti-irritation Body range with lipid-replenishing active ingredients and pleasant textures that soothes sensitive, very dry and atopic-prone skin of the whole family

What is atopic dermatitis?

Atopic dermatitis is a disease that progresses in attacks called flare-ups. The affected areas are often areas with folds such as the back of the knees or the inside of the elbows, but also areas where the skin is most fragile such as the face. During attacks, the skin, already very dry and uncomfortable, begins to itch, becomes red and may ooze. If left untreated, the surface can become itchy and expand, leading to infection.


DA PROTECT, our anti-scratching and anti-irritation range

DA PROTECT is our anti-itching and anti-irritation range with lipid-replenishing active ingredients and pleasant textures which soothes sensitive, very dry and atopic-prone skin of the whole family.

DA PROTECT improves the daily life of all atopic skin types. Atopic-prone and very dry skin can benefit from a routine that respects its skin barrier while providing effective hydration. With DA PROTECT, the sensations of itching and skin irritation will be nothing more than a bad memory!

DA PROTECT Emollient Balm, our treatment for atopic skin

Our DA PROTECT Emollient Balm has been formulated to meet the needs of sensitive, very dry skin with atopic tendency. It offers a soothing and lipid-replenishing solution for infants, children and adults. This particularly nourishing emollient reduces itching and irritation, while providing continuous 24-hour hydration. Enriched with Linseed Oil, Shea Butter and Beeswax, this treatment acts on all layers of the epidermis and thus provides an overall lipid-replenishing action.

A soothing treatment that nourishes the skin: DA PROTECT Emollient Balm provides an effective response to sensitive skin by nourishing it and soothing skin discomfort. It offers notable relief from itching (-90% itching*), while promoting deep hydration that lasts for 24 hours.
*Clinical study under dermatological and pediatric control on 32 subjects for 28 days. Effect observed in 59% of study subjects and 95% of subjects affected by these signs

Immediate skin soothing: Thanks to its soothing properties, this balm helps restore the skin and calm irritation, providing immediate and lasting comfort. Regular use of our DA PROTECT Emollient Balm allows you to find soothed and lipid-replenished skin.

A formula that we want to apply: Our DA PROTECT Emollient Balm is formulated without perfume. Its creamy texture is non-sticky and non-greasy, offering a pleasant sensory experience without compromising on effectiveness.

Maximum tolerance: The safety and effectiveness of our DA PROTECT Emollient Balm are guaranteed by rigorous tests under dermatological, ophthalmological and pediatric controls. These tests were specifically carried out on atopic skin, thus ensuring the optimal tolerance of this emollient balm.

DA PROTECT Emollient Oil, our milky treatment

DA PROTECT Emollient Oil offers the epidermis a soothing and lipid-replenishing experience to meet the needs of atopic skin. Anti-itching, anti-irritation, this emollient oil hydrates the skin for 24 hours, providing lasting relief and immediate soothing.

This innovative micro-emulsion oil transforms into milk on contact with damp skin. Its enriched formula acts in depth, replenishing the skin while reducing the sensations of itching and irritation. It is the texture alternative to our Emollient Balm in hot and humid weather.

Lightweight nutrition: Our DA PROTECT Emollient Oil provides intense nutrition and soothing to atopic skin. Its transformative oil-in-milk texture combines the benefits of an emollient oil and a moisturizing treatment cream.

A pleasure application: Its non-sticky texture and rapid penetration guarantee an easy and pleasant application, without leaving a sticky finish.

DA PROTECT Surgras Cleansing Gel, our gentle treatment

DA PROTECT Surgras Cleansing Gel offers a real moment of gentleness for cleansing the skin. Enriched with linseed oil, this superfatted cleansing gel soothes and restores skin comfort without being harsh. Suitable for sensitive, very dry and atopic skin, it is suitable for the whole family, from infants to adults.

Gentle and soothing cleansing: Our superfatted cleansing gel acts gently to cleanse the skin while preserving its natural balance. Linseed oil, a key ingredient in the formula, helps soothe the skin while providing restored comfort after each use.

A gentle formula: Designed for the most delicate skin, DA PROTECT Surgras Cleansing Gel is fragrance-free and does not sting the eyes, thus offering a pleasant cleansing experience that is respectful of skin sensitivity.

DA PROTECT Lipid-Replenishing Cleansing Oil, our comfort treatment

DA PROTECT Lipid-Replenishing Cleansing Oil offers a unique lipid-replenishing shower experience, specially designed for atopic skin. This shower oil soothes itching, protects the skin barrier, respects the microbiome and hydrates your skin for 8 hours. Its fragrance, specially designed for atopic skin, creates a bubble of well-being and comfort.

A soothing, non-greasy formula: Developed to meet the specific needs of atopic-prone skin, our lipid-replenishing shower oil ensures a non-greasy finish while soothing itching and irritation. The delicate formula based on derivatives of linseed and camelina oils rich in Omegas 3 and 6 respects skin sensitivity while providing immediate relief.

Reinforced protection and long-lasting hydration: DA PROTECT Lipid-Replenishing Cleansing Oil goes beyond cleansing by actively protecting the skin barrier and preserving the microbiome. It also provides continuous hydration for 8 hours, maintaining the suppleness of the skin and reinforcing its comfort.

A comforting moment: Enter a bubble of well-being with DA PROTECT Lipid-Replenishing Cleansing Oil, our shower oil which combines effectiveness and sensoriality. This daily ritual becomes a special moment to take care of your atopic skin while enjoying a comforting shower experience for your skin, but also for you!

For the first time in the DA PROTECT range, we have developed a cleansing oil with a fragrance. And not just any perfume since this one was specifically designed for atopic skin. Because they too deserve a moment of well-being when showering.

To create this floral and aquatic fragrance, the laboratory followed a very precise approach by rigorously selecting perfume ingredients at the concentration suitable for atopic skin. This forced us to exclude certain olfactory notes such as citrus fruits for example, which are too allergenic. These ingredients were then analyzed by independent toxicologists, then the cleansing oil, as a whole, was tested on atopic skin to ensure its safety and good tolerance.

Thanks to our Dermatology Well-Being approach, TOPICREM DA Protect cleansing oil is therefore THE ideal product for the daily hygiene of atopic skin, from a very young age since the formula has been tested under pediatric supervision.

TOPICREM DA PROTECT, the facial cream approved by members of the French Eczema Association

TOPICREM DA PROTECT face, to take care of atopic skin

The soothing, anti-scratch ally that improves daily life (as our test results and local Scorad attest) for skin with atopic tendencies. Our DA PROTECT emollient cream is one of those skin care products that comes to the rescue of skin with an atopic tendency, a chronic skin condition that is affecting the quality of life of a growing number of people around the world. Itchiness, intense dryness and daily redness are no problem! Our DA PROTECT Emollient Face Cream soothes and strengthens the skin barrier for adults and children aged 3 and over. This cream has been tested and approved by members of the French Eczema Association for the whole family.

The benefits of TOPICREM DA PROTECT face on atopic skin

Atopic skin goes through phases of remission and crisis. Periods of remission are characterized by an improvement in symptoms, while “crisis” phases see an increase in itching, redness and dry skin . Understanding these cycles can help people with atopic dermatitis manage their condition more effectively. On a daily basis, to relieve your skin and prevent these manifestations, you can use our TOPICREM DA PROTECT emollient cream specially formulated for atopic skin.

Intense replenishment: The presence of linseed oil, rich in omega 3 and 6, helps to deeply replenish the skin. This means that it helps restore the skin's natural lipids, thus strengthening the skin barrier for lipid-replenished skin.

Soothing itching and irritation: The cream's formula aims to alleviate itching and irritation of the skin. Its soothing properties provide immediate relief and help improve skin comfort.

Triple action: Thanks to a 24-hour triple lipid-replenishing, soothing and moisturizing action, our emollient cream acts on all the skin signs of atopic dermatitis.

Balance the skin microbiome: The innovative formula of the cream rebalances the skin microbiome, which helps space out periods of severe dryness.

Non-greasy texture and velvety finish: Our DA PROTECT emollient cream is non-greasy, ensuring rapid absorption without leaving a greasy film. Its velvety finish also makes it an excellent makeup base, facilitating its integration into the daily routine.

Tested and approved: Our DA PROTECT emollient cream has been tested and approved by the French Eczema Association, which testifies to its effectiveness and safety of use for people suffering from atopic dermatitis.

How to use our DA PROTECT cream?

Our DA PROTECT emollient cream is applied to the face, neck and eyelids, morning and evening or whenever you feel the need. In addition to providing comfort to your skin, it offers an excellent makeup base thanks to its creamy, melting texture with a velvety finish.

Who can use TOPICREM DA PROTECT face?

Our TOPICREM DA PROTECT face range can
be used by children from 3 years old, adolescents and adults
and is
intended for sensitive, very dry and atopic skin.