Glossary of ingredients


The ingredients at the heart of our formulas

The choice of our ingredients and active ingredients is much more than a simple formulation step. It is a delicate art, a precise science that influences not only product efficacy, but also the long-term health of the skin. Our Topicrem laboratory teams meticulously select, after rigorous research, the ingredients that will go into our formulations, to offer skincare products that perform and deliver complete satisfaction.

What is a moisturizing active ingredient?

Moisturization remains at the heart of our formulas, because well-moisturized skin is plumped, plumped and radiant. A moisturizing active ingredient is a chemical or natural substance incorporated into the formulations of skin care products, cosmetics or dermo-cosmetics, with the specific aim of providing hydration to the skin. These active ingredients are selected for their ability to retain water, improve the skin barrier, and maintain the skin's moisture balance. Topicrem uses a range of moisturizing active ingredients, including plant glycerin, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and bio-active water, which activate the skin's moisture flow. These moisturizing active ingredients are combined in unique formulations to maximize their synergistic effects and offer skincare solutions tailored to different skin types and concerns.

Care ingredients for every part of the body

Choosing the right ingredients and active ingredients for our dermo-cosmetics is a key step in creating effective, sensorial skin care products. By understanding the specific needs of the skin, face, body and scalp and by favoring high-tolerance natural ingredients combined with specific active ingredients, we can create a care routine combining well-being and effectiveness.

The ingredients chosen for facial care must be adapted to the specific needs of each skin type, while providing deep hydration. For example, our HYDRA+ range infuses sensitive skin with intense hydration thanks to the combination of several active ingredients such as bio-active water or glycerin. Discover our face ranges and their virtues.

The skin of the body, often neglected, deserves just as much attention. When choosing ingredients for body care, it is crucial to favor nourishing and hydrating active ingredients. Topicrem draws on the richness of vegetable oils to provide the necessary nutrition. Vegetable glycerin is also used in the majority of our body products to maintain a good level of hydration and reduce skin dryness. We also find beeswax, an active ingredient of natural origin, both protective and nourishing. If the daily application of body care may seem laborious and restrictive,you should know that our body products offer a sensory moment akin to a parenthesis of well-being. An essential moment that will easily fit into your daily skincare routine! Discover the full extent of our body collection .

The scalp and hair also require special attention. Ingredients like panthenol and shea are included in some of our dermo-cosmetic products to moisturize the scalp and nourish the hair, leaving it silky and shiny. Special attention is paid to itchy, flaking and irritated scalp problems. Find the hair routine that suits you!

Why does Topicrem use active ingredients that respect sensitive skin?

The use of active ingredients specifically adapted to sensitive skin is essential due to the particular characteristics of this skin type. Sensitive skin reacts more easily to external factors such as certain cosmetics, weather conditions and even stress, manifesting skin reactions such as redness, itching, irritation or burning sensations. The integration of appropriate active ingredients helps to effectively soothe, strengthen and protect sensitive skin. TOPICREM, the expert for sensitive skin for the whole family, uses active ingredients recognized for soothing and calming the skin, including allantoin, bisabolol and panthenol etc.

Our formulations are gentle, and are suitable for the whole family: babies, children, teenagers and adults. They are also systematically dermatologically tested on sensitive skin by independent centers. Our products have been tested on over 3,000 sensitive skins.