Capturez l’éclat du soleil, avec la nouvelle gamme SUN PROTECT !

Capturez l’éclat du soleil, avec la nouvelle gamme SUN PROTECT !
It's the return of sunny days and outdoor activities. On the terrace, at the beach or in the countryside, TOPICREM supports you with SUN PROTECT : its new range suitable for the whole family.

Let yourself be seduced by a scented universe and pleasure textures that leave the skin soft, delicately scented, and protect it effectively. Discover without further delay the new products that will brighten up your summer!

SUN PROTECT, a scented sensory interlude

Peach, frangipani flower, vanilla… The fragrances brought together by our laboratory immerse you in a solar, floral, fruity and aquatic universe. With SUN PROTECT, the skin is adorned with summer essences for a captivating feeling of well-being.

“The scent is absolutely amazing”
Elodie, ambassador

Sun protection synonymous with well-being

Forget the restrictive application of your sun protection! Thanks to TOPICREM's know-how, experience real pleasure textures suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Applying a sunscreen product finally becomes a moment of well-being for the whole family.

100% of people who have tested the SUN PROTECT routine no longer feel sun protection as a constraint¹.

Moments of comfort, in the sun

A worthy heir to our iconic milk, SUN PROTECT MOISTURIZING SUN MILK SPF50+ will be the essential companion for your summer! With its very high protection against UVA / UVB, it is suitable for all members of the family from the age of 3. And what's more, it leaves no white marks!


Moments of relaxation, after the sun

Our SUN PROTECT REHYDRATING SHOWER provides a real moment of relaxation after long exposure to the sun. This delicate foam envelops the skin with a soft sunny scent, nourishing and hydrating it from the first application.


Moments of well-being, after-sun

As surprising as it is effective, SUN PROTECT FRESH AFTER-SUN GEL delivers a sensation of intense freshness, with a soothing, restorative effect for your skin. Its ultra-light jelly texture provides an instant “firebreak” effect, with an addictive scent that inspires well-being.

A solar range committed to preserving the environment

The TOPICREM brand favors the use of organic sun filters, carefully selected to offer effective protection and a high-end sensory experience. All without leaving white marks.

Protecting your skin…and our oceans

Classified as very high protection SPF 50+, SUN PROTECT Moisturizing Sun Milk combines different filters to ensure complete protection with a broad spectrum against UVB and UVA rays. It meets European standards.

But we are also keen to limit our impact on marine ecosystems. Thus, our formula is subject to rigorous tests² controlling its impact on marine biodiversity (algae, corals, cnidarians).


Innovative packaging for a more sustainable future

For TOPICREM, reducing the environmental footprint also involves packaging! This is why our tubes are designed with an eco-responsible approach, guaranteeing 21% less plastic³.

Even our miniature formats participate in this effort, with at least 24% recycled plastic.

Together for a better world

By purchasing SUN PROTECT, you actively participate in the preservation of our planet. TOPICREM donates 1% of the amount from the sale of its products bearing the “1% for the Planet” logo to an international network of organizations committed to protecting the environment.

We have chosen to donate the funds to Project Rescue Ocean . This association carries out depollution and awareness actions among children to preserve our oceans and their biodiversity.

Project Rescue Ocean is:

  • more than 20,000 children reached across the world
  • 500 tonnes of waste collected
  • 1500 active members worldwide

“I like the texture which doesn’t stick and above all it protects my children’s skin”
Marianne, our collaborator

“It smells good, it smells like fruit and holidays”
Jeanne, Marianne's daughter

Join the TopiFamily!

SUN PROTECT already has its followers. Seduced by the sensory experience of our solar range, they also trust TOPICREM for its know-how in protecting the most sensitive skin.

Join the TopiFamily, our community of ambassadors who take care of their skin thanks to TOPICREM. You will not only be able to test our products for free and exclusively, but also participate in a unique experience by becoming one of the faces of our communication campaigns.

¹% satisfaction – Consumer test on 63 subjects for 28 days on the Sun Protect range routine: Moisturizing Sun Milk SPF50+, Rehydrating Shower and Fresh After-Sun Jelly

² ALGAE TEST: Evaluation of ecotoxicity on marine algae according to standard ISO 10523: 2016​
CORAL TEST: Evaluation of ecotoxicity on coral cuttings after 96 hours​

CNIDARY TEST: In vitro ecotoxicity test on cnidarian cells

BIODEGRADABILITY: Assessment of biodegradability according to the OECD 301F test over 28 days

³ The SUN PROTECT tubes are 4.5g lighter in plastic compared to the classic 200mL TOPICREM tubes.