Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

How can I obtain samples?

We invite you to go to the nearest pharmacy or parapharmacy and ask for samples suiting your skin type.

How long can a product be stored before opening?

You can refer to the expiration date indicated on our products.

How long can a product be kept after opening?

We mention the PAO or "Period After Opening" indicated by a pictogram representing an open jar, which designates the recommended duration of use after opening the packaging. It generally varies from 6 months (6M) to 24 months (24M).

Why did you change the name of the MELA Ultra-Moisturizing Unifying Milk product?

Our MELA Ultra-Moisturizing Unifying Milk , formerly known as MELA Ultra-Moisturizing Lightening Milk, is designed to unify, correct and prevent dark spots. Our product smoothes out pigmentation spots and makes skin radiant without altering the complexion. We've changed the name of the product from Lightening to Unifying to bring it closer to its true purpose.

Why change the packaging/formulas of some of your products?

Your concerns are our concerns. We work to ensure your well-being by offering you ever more innovative formulas at the cutting edge of technology. We evolve with the times, just like our packaging.