The MELA range is the anti dark-spot expert for face and body. Our range acts on all spots and phototypes for even, radiant skin.
TOPICREM MELA CORPS, our expert anti-dark spots range

Where do brown spots come from?

Pigmentation spots can appear at any age and on any skin type and color. There are 3 different factors that can trigger their appearance.

The first is the sun: sun-related spots are spots that generally appear over time, following heavy exposure and mainly on exposed areas such as the face, neck, décolleté and hands. The sun is also responsible for so-called "age spots".

The second is inflammation, which is a normal reaction of the skin when it is damaged and it repairs itself and can cause a spot, especially when you have an acne pimple.

The last factor is the hormonal factor: certain medications, such as the contraceptive pill, which alter the hormonal balance can cause spots to appear, as can periods of life such as pregnancy or the menopause.

MELA, expert in anti-spot body complex with patent ¹ pending

MELA, expert in anti-spot body complex with patent ¹ pending

MELA is our expert anti-spot body range which targets all types of spots - sun-related spots, post-pregnancy, blemish marks, uneven skin tone, aging² skin.

Our TOPICREM MELA range has been formulated to even out and reveal the radiance of spot-prone complexions for all light to dark skin phototypes. Concentrated formulas combining spot correction, spot prevention and complexion unification, thanks to the patented¹ MELA complex [seaweed extract + niacinamide], offer you skin care products that act on all types of spots and all light to dark phototypes for unified, radiant skin.

Each care product in our range becomes your daily ally in revealing unified, luminous and naturally radiant skin.

MELA, our Unifying Milk body treatment

MELA Unifying Milk is the ultimate unifying body lotion for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Our powerful moisturizing product effectively corrects all types of spots, prevents their appearance and provides intense hydration for 24 hours. With SPF15 protection, it also provides effective defense against UVA and UVB.

Unified and luminous skin: Designed for all phototypes, MELA Unifying Milk is dermatologically proven effective. It significantly reduces the number of spots (-19%) and their coloring (-27%) on phototypes II to IV, and even more so on phototypes V and VI (-40% number of spots, - 53% stain coloring). *
*Scoring – Clinical study under dermatological control on 47 subjects (37 phototypes II to IV and 10 phototypes V and VI) for 70 days

A concentrated formula: Its formula contains 86% ingredients of natural origin. Combining glycerin for hydration, broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun filters, MELA complex [algae extract + niacinamide] and octadecenedioic acid, this unifying milk acts in-depth to even out, correct and prevent all types of spots.

An easy to apply and sensory milk: Let yourself be seduced by the texture of our MELA Unifying Milk, non-sticky and non-greasy, which guarantees easy application and rapid penetration. Its floral, powdery and musky fragrance transforms each application into a moment of pleasure.

MELA Anti-Dark Spot Concentrate Targeted Areas, our skincare that works in just 7 days

MELA Targeted Area Concentrate , the anti-dark spot attack treatment with rapid and long-lasting results, has been designed for all skin types, even sensitive. Targeting hyperpigmentation and localized spots on the body and hands, this revolutionary concentrate corrects, unifies, revives radiance and prevents the reappearance of spots.

Rapid and prolonged effectiveness: Thanks to its patented complex, our MELA Concentré product offers intensive anti-dark spots action from 7 days. It corrects all types of stains, even the most established ones, and prevents their reappearance. The results are measured and proven by clinical studies under dermatological control, with 100% satisfaction on the correction of hyperpigmentations and marked spots.
**% satisfaction - Clinical study under dermatological control on 21 subjects for 28 days

An ultra-light and fluid texture: Our MELA targeted area concentrate is distinguished by its ultra-light and fluid texture, offering a pleasant application and instant penetration. Its non-greasy, non-sticky and invisible finish on the skin makes it an ideal ally for daily use.

A delicate fragrance: The subtle fragrance based on blackcurrant, lotus and vanilla has been specially developed to respect sensitive skin. It allows you to enjoy a delicate sensory experience with each application.

MELA Unifying Exfoliating Bar, our complementary care product

Our MELA unifying exfoliating bar is a versatile skin care product that gently cleanses, smoothes the skin's texture, helps reduce pigmentation spots and awakens the skin radiance. You can use it several times a week in the shower before applying our MELA Unifying Body Milk

Gentle exfoliation: Formulated with apricot kernels, our MELA exfoliating bar offers a gentle scrub that does not irritate the skin. It gently cleanses, eliminates impurities while delicately smoothing the skin texture for a feeling of new skin.

A creamy foam: Olive oil and coconut oil are among the formula's key ingredients providing a creamy, deeply moiturizing texture.

A fragrance with subtle notes: The fresh scent of bergamot, violet and sandalwood adds a refreshing touch to your skincare routine. A sensory olfactory experience that perfectly complements the exfoliating effect of the treatment.

Topicrem MELA face, say goodbye to pigment spots

The anti-spot expert for all types of spots. Topicrem has developed a range specifically dedicated to skin with pigmentary disorders (melasma, sun-related spots, blemishes, uneven skin tone, skin aging, etc.). They can occur after sun exposure, with hormonal change linked to pregnancy, after scarring, etc. And give the complexion a dull and uneven appearance. Our Topicrem MELA facial care range helps you reduce and prevent the appearance of spots for an even complexion that regains its radiance and luminosity.

What are the benefits of our TOPICREM MELA range?

What are the benefits of our TOPICREM MELA range?

Our Topicrem MELA face care products are infused with the patent-pending MELA complex¹ , a unique combination of algae extract and niacinamide to act synergistically on the appearance of melanin, responsible for skin pigmentation. Over time, spots are reduced, the skin is more even and luminous.
Beyond their effectiveness on existing spots, our MELA face care products also prevent the appearance of new spots thanks to powerful cocktails of unifying active ingredients and the presence of sun filters offering a complete solution for all types of pigmentation spots. .

By acting on both the correction of spots and the prevention of their reappearance, they are an essential step towards more luminous skin and an even complexion.

How to use our TOPICREM MELA range for pigment spots?

Hyperpigmentation can be a major concern, but by adopting our TOPICREM MELA facial care routine, you will act to reduce and prevent pigment spots . You will gradually regain a radiant and even complexion, because the TOPICREM MELA range acts on all types of stains (pregnancy, hormonal, acne, old age, sun, etc.). Our treatments are tested on all phototypes/sensitive skin

The Intensive Anti-Dark Spot Radiance Serum : Our MELA Serum is a real concentrate that corrects already established hyperpigmentation while preventing the appearance of new spots. A booster treatment that is applied before our MELA Anti-Dark Spot Unifying Cream in the morning and our MELA Gentle Peeling Night Cream in the evening. From 7 days, you will already be able to appreciate its effectiveness on the radiance of your complexion!

Day cream with sun protection: After using the serum, apply the MELA unifying day cream which contains SPF 50+ to protect you from sun damage which can cause pigment spots! It also has the advantage of protecting the skin from blue light, essential if you spend the day in front of your screen!

Night treatment : For corrective action from the first night, apply our MELA anti-dark spot night cream which acts like a gentle peel. Its progressive action reveals the radiance of the complexion night after night thanks to its chemical and enzymatic peeling.

Occasional treatments : Once or twice a week, exfoliate your face with our MELA unifying exfoliating bar. Based on apricot kernels, it eliminates dead cells that accumulate on the skin and thus reveals the radiance of the complexion. The olive oil and coconut oil it contains nourish the epidermis for soft, velvety skin. And for an instant boost of radiance, use our MELA anti-dark spots mask, a 2-in-1 product which will give you a chemical and mechanical exfoliation in 10 minutes.

Does TOPICREM MELA contain hydroquinone?

No, our TOPICREM MELA products do not contain hydroquinone, a molecule that can cause skin discoloration.
No dermo-cosmetic product manufactured in Europe is authorized to add hydroquinone to its formulas. As our TOPICREM products are manufactured in France, they comply with European regulations. Our MELA range benefits from a patent-registered complex ¹ for sensitive skin with rapid and prolonged effectiveness.

¹ Patent application filed in France for the MELA Complex - not present in MELA Unifying Exfoliating Bar

² MELA Unifying Exfoliating Bar has not yet been tested on all blemishes.