TOPICREM ULTRA-MOISTURIZING, star range composed of glycerin to moisturize and take care of your sensitive and dry skin for a real moment of well-being
ULTRA-MOISTURIZING Body, our benchmark moisturizing range for the whole family's dry skin for 30 years

What is dehydrated skin?

Dehydrated skin is skin that lacks water . The skin is tight, uncomfortable and loses its radiance. Contributing factors can be intrinsic, internal or extrinsic, external . Pollution, too cold or too hot temperatures and our lifestyle (alcohol, tobacco, stress, etc.) can be the source of dehydrated skin.


ULTRA-MOISTURIZING, reference in protective hydration

Our ULTRA-MOISTURIZING range is our benchmark in protective body moisturizing. ULTRA-MOITURIZING has been provinding a true sensory experience for sensitive & dry skin for the whole family for over 30 years. Our range features the fragrance of our iconic ULTRA-MOISTURIZING Body Lotion, the range's historic olfactory signature¹. ULTRA-MOISTURIZING Body Milk is one of those iconic products whose success is confirmed year after year. A skincare product that has become a bathroom essential of many families thanks to its strong moisturizing power and instant penetration.

The benefits of our Body Milk

Our Ultra-Moisturizing Body Care, the essential.

A feat that we owe to the formidable effectiveness of its formula, wich is both super-moisturizing and easy to apply.

Its milk-like texture is both creamy and non-greasy, allowing you to dress quickly after application. The Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk is instantly absorbed, making it the perfect ally for busy mornings, so you don't have to waste time after showering.

Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk provides with intense hydration for 48 hours*!
*Clinical study, 21 people

Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk is suitable for the whole family. No need to multiply tubes of cream, just one product is enough to moisturize the skin of adults and children alike. Our iconic product is suitable for the the whole family's sensitive and dry skin, from babies to seniors.

Its generous format is economical and allows prolonged use. Its packaging is recognizable by its duo of white and bright pink colors and its pump bottle. It is recognizable at first glance!

For more than 30 years, Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk has been used by many families for generation. A true Proust's madeleine thanks to its iconic fragrance with notes of water lily, lily of the valley and cedar.

Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk is ideal for dry, sensitive skin, moisturizing and nourishing without leaving a greasy film or sticky feel. Even if you don't suffer from dry skin, it's a good idea to moisturize your skin every day to keep it supple, radiant and healthy.

Tested under dermatological and pediatric control, on sensitive and dry skin, Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk was formulated and manufactured by our laboratory in France.

Discover our Ultra-Moisturizing range;

It would have been a shame not to use this winning formula! The Ultra-moisturizing range is available in several formats to accompany you throughout the day and to create the right skincare routine for you. You can take advantage of its moisturizing and anti-tightness properties in the shower or bath with our shower oil or our shower gel .

Then, depending on your preferences, you can opt for our enhancing oil or our famous best-selling milk. Don’t hesitate to opt for the pearly or shimmering version of the Ultra-hydrating Body.

There's also nothing to stop you from alternating with our DERMOVEGETAL range to benefit from the best of our nourishing ingredients.

And the last beauty gesture before going to bed or leaving the house, the application of our hand cream to combat dry and damaged skin in this area particularly exposed to the cold of winter.

To combat the appearance of pigmentation spots, opt for our MELA Unifying Milk during the day and keep Ultra-Moisturizing Body milk on at night.

¹ excluding ULTRA-MOISTURIZING Progressive Tan and ULTRA-MOITURIZING Enhancing Oil.