We are a French, family-run and independent laboratory whose high standards are at the heart of our dermo-cosmetic skincare products. In order to guarantee the development of excellent products, we have our own research and development center located in Île-de-France.

Since Topicrem was founded in 1993, our aim has been to offer skin care products for all types of sensitive skin, combining dermatological expertise and well-being. To achieve this, we follow a reasoned formulation charter which guarantees efficacy and tolerance by giving priority to ingredients of natural origin, whenever possible.


Topicrem combines dermatological expertise and well-being by developing its products around 7 commitments which sign the TOPICREM charter.

Commitment #1: guarantee protective hydration

Because moisturizing your skin and reinforcing your skin barrier on a daily basis are essential actions to preserve your health and beauty, our Topicrem products provide essential hydration to the sensitive skin of the whole family in order to protect them as best as possible from the vagaries of the daily. Thus, our treatments guarantee you at least 24 hours of hydration.

Commitment #2: choose high-tolerance ingredients with proven efficacy

At Topicrem, we choose our ingredients above all for their proven efficacy and tolerance. To achive this, we follow a reasoned formulation charter which defines the requirements we set ourselves for our formulas.
Whenever possible, we always give preference to dermatological ingredients of natural origin. Thus, our formulas contain on average 88%² of ingredients of natural origin.
Our main dermatological reference ingredients are inspired by the pharmacopoeia, a standard which guarantees the quality, purity, efficacy and safety of these ingredients. Finally, our active ingredients are selected, at the right dose, on the basis of scientific evidence (publications, in-vivo/in-vitro tests, etc.).

  • Commitment #3: design clinically tested formulas on sensitive skin

    In order to guarantee optimal tolerance, our products are systematically dermatological tested on sensitive skin by independent organizations. We have tested our formulas on over 3,000³ sensitive skin. These tests are carried out by independent organizations.

    All our products for the delicate skin of newborns and babies are also evaluated under strict pediatric control. We add gynecological or ophthalmological checks when the product requires it.

    Throughout the development process, we are supported by independent toxicologists, ensuring objective expertise and a critical eye on the safety and harmlessness of our formulas.

  • Commitment #4: Offer scientifically-proven, consumer-approved skincare products

    The effectiveness of our formulas is demonstrated by rigorous clinical studies . Because the satisfaction of all sensitive skin remains at the heart of our concerns, all our products are subject to use tests with groups of volunteers throughout the world.

    We regularly conduct observational studies in hospitals or with dermatologists to demonstrate the positive impact of our products on various skin problems.
    Our collaboration with more than 12,000 healthcare professionals as well as patient associations testifies to our commitment to the well-being of patients in order to best meet their needs.


Commitment #5: At the heart of dermatological well-being

Because we know that the skin is a living organ that interacts with our brain and thus plays an essential role in everyone's well-being, we pay particular attention to the sensoriality of our products. Comfortable textures, pleasant fragrances, and the pleasure of application are all essential prerequisites which make our skincare products a moment of well-being, enabling you to feel confident and better open up to others to fully enjoy life.
We develop formulas with a positive emotional impact and we are committed to going further in this approach by testing the impact of our products on everyone's well-being. In 2024, over 95%⁵ of our innovations were validated for their positive impact on well-being.


Commitment #6: Manufacture our products in France

Quality French manufacturing is the pride of the TOPICREM teams.

For over 30 years, our products have been designed in our laboratories in Dammarie-Les-Lys and manufactured in France, mainly in our production site located in the Paris region. Our factory is inspired by the control standards required in the pharmaceutical sector. .

Commitment #7: Commit to a responsible approach

At Topicrem, reducing the environmental impact of our formulas and packaging is part of our continuous improvement approach and we are aware that there is still a long way to go.

We follow a responsible purchasing charter for the supply of our ingredients and raw materials. We make sure to use the right number of ingredients in our formulas.
We have done away with all paper leaflets and are removing all secondary packaging as soon as possible. We are committed to increasing the use of recycled and bio-sourced materials, while guaranteeing the recyclability of our packaging. On fact, our new graphic charter has enabled us to save 8 tonnes⁶ of cardboard thanks to the withdrawal of certain boxes.

¹ Excluding hygiene and hair care products

² Excluding products containing sun filters - January 2024.

³ Sum of subjects with sensitive skin having tested products across the entire TOPICREM product portfolio - January 2024

Evaluation of the performance of visits to healthcare professionals in 2023.

⁵% average satisfaction - usage tests under dermatological control - launches 2024

⁶Internal calculation based on 1 year of sales of references whose secondary packaging has been removed from February 2023