Fade pigment spots: myth or reality?

Estomper les taches pigmentaires : mythe ou réalité ?

Pigment spots, also called hyperpigmentation, are dark areas that appear on the skin under the influence of different factors (sun, aging, hormones, scars, etc.). They appear on the face and body, particularly in areas exposed to the sun such as the neck, décolleté and hands. Completely benign, they mainly have an aesthetic impact and can be a source of stigma... This is why many people would like to make them disappear!

There is no magic formula for removing age spots, but there are solutions to reduce skin hyperpigmentation . First of all, by taking the time to identify the different causes that favor its appearance. Then, by adopting a skincare routine adapted to your skin over the long term.

This is the opportunity to discover MELA , the expert anti-dark spot range for the face and body from TOPICREM. Our products act on all spots and all skin types , to restore a uniform and radiant complexion.


Why do I have brown spots on my skin?

Age spots on the face and body are caused by excessive production of melanin , a brown pigment that causes your skin's natural color. If you have discovered hyperpigmentation on your skin, rest assured! It can appear on all skin types, all phototypes, and at all ages.

Multiple factors explain the occurrence of irregular skin pigmentation :

  • lots of exposure to the sun. We then often speak of a “sunspot”
  • a scar , left by an injury or acne spot
  • hormonal changes , especially at menopause or during pregnancy. In the latter case, we speak of a “pregnancy mask”
  • the external environment , pollution
  • aging of the skin

Good to know: 1 in 2 people in the world are affected by pigmentation disorders, including 59% women¹. So this is a very common concern! The intensity of age spots varies greatly from one person to another, depending on skin type and degree of exposure to the sun. Dermo-cosmetics is one of the solutions to help correct these imperfections.

Pigment spots: how to reduce them?

There are different types of dermo-cosmetic treatments to treat dark spots that appear on the skin. Some people choose technological treatments , such as pulsed light. This option can be very effective, but it is not suitable for all skin types and can cause irritation .

More accessible and less restrictive, our MELA expert anti-stain range has many advantages to seduce you.

  • Correct and even out skin tone

    For an intensive corrective action , start your routine with our MELA Anti-Dark Spot Radiance Serum. Thanks to its innovative action, it guarantees visible results on your spots from 7 days².

    Then, apply MELA Anti-Dark Spot Unifying Day Cream SPF50 to protect and even out the complexion. Used every morning as a beauty ritual, it prevents the appearance of pigment spots thanks to its very high sun protection and blue light . In addition, its fluid and non-greasy texture makes it an ideal makeup base.

    For optimal results, we recommend that you complete your routine with our MELA Gentle Peeling Anti-Dark Spot Night Cream . Applied in the evening, it corrects spots night after night . Its unique formula reduces pigment spots , even the most established ones, for a luminous and even complexion when you wake up .

  • Glowing skin all over your body

    Spots on the body ? Opt for a specific treatment! Did you know that MELA Ultra-Hydrating Unifying Milk from TOPICREM is the No. 1 anti-pigment spot milk³ ?

    Its corrective action on established and marked brown spots on the body has been proven:

    • 94% satisfaction for an even complexion ( Clinical study under dermatological control on 47 subjects for 56 days )

    • - 40% visible pigment spots ( Clinical study under dermatological control on 10 subjects with phototypes V and VI after 56 days )

Prevention: our best ally against pigment spots!

Age spots come from a natural process . So adopt a gentle method by focusing on control and prevention ! You will thus be able to:

  • enjoy soft, hydrated skin every day
  • prevent the appearance of new brown spots
  • delay the effects of skin aging

Exposure to the sun and UV rays largely contribute to the appearance of pigment spots . This is why the day care products in the MELA range from TOPICREM include sun filters in their composition.

Our laboratory recommends the MELA Ultra-Moisturizing Unifying Milk or the MELA Unifying Anti-Dark Spot Day Cream SPF50 .

Better than a sunscreen that is only applied on sunny days, these anti-brown spot treatments offer protection against the sun's rays and blue light all year round . In addition, their formula incorporates a synergy of active ingredients which gradually erase pigment spots and even out the complexion.

TOPICREM’s MELA complex: a patented formula

The MELA range from TOPICREM was designed to reveal and unify all skin types, light and dark. All our formulas combine the correction of spots , the prevention of their appearance and the unification of the complexion.

To achieve such a result, TOPICREM has developed the MELA COMPLEX Patent , a unique combination of anti-stain active ingredients . Its unique combination of algae extract and niacinamide acts synergistically on all stages of melanin production; responsible for skin pigmentation.

Result: an even complexion , faded spots and protection against the emergence of new hyperpigmentation .

¹Passeron T, et al. “Pigmentary disorders, prevalence, impact on quality of life, social stigmatization: results of the first large international survey”. Poster presented at the 25th World Congress of Dermatology 2023.

²Reduction of spots and unification of complexion. Instrumental measurement and image analysis – Clinical study under dermatological control on 72 subjects.

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