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Taking care of facial skin means adopting a routine adapted to its needs. It's a difficult balance to strike to maintain a healthy skin barrier. Our Topicrem dermatological brand supports you every day to maintain healthy skin and help prevent and correct many skin problems.Whether your skin is sensitive, dry, very dry, dehydrated, atopic, oily, combination or normal, we have the facial product suited to your needs. A family of products that combine and complement each other to create your own skincare routine, one that will precisely meet your needs throughout the seasons.
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  • Very dry and atopic skin


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  • Very dry and atopic skin


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Understanding your skin's needs for the right skincare product

To find the right facial product for your skin, you must understand its needs and learn to recognize certain signs. In the morning, just after waking up, take a close look at your skin. Note its texture, its shine and the presence of dry areas. How your skin reacts after a night's sleep can provide valuable clues about your skin type.

Sensitive skin: Sensitive skin reacts easily to external stimuli such as harsh chemicals, the sun or temperature changes. It can manifest itself by the occurrence of unpleasant sensations (tingling, redness, itching) in response to stimuli that should not normally cause such sensations. People with sensitive skin should choose gentle, hypoallergenic products and avoid irritating ingredients. Bear in mind that sensitive skin can be dry, combination or oily!
Our Topicrem range to adopt: HYDRA+ , our facial moisturizer that hydrates, protects and reveals your skin's radiance.

Dry skin: Dry skin is often characterized by feelings of tightness and itching. It loses suppleness and becomes rough, characterized by the appearance of scales on its surface and a “crocodile skin” effect. In medical terms, we speak of cutaneous “xerosis”. People with dry skin should opt for nourishing products, rich in natural oils or butters.
Our Topicrem range to adopt: Discover all the products dedicated to dry facial skin: CALM+ Soothing Cream , HYDRA+ Rich Moisturizing Cream , AH3 Global Anti-aging Cream .

Atopic skin: Atopic skin suffers from a skin condition called atopic dermatitis. This chronic skin condition is characterized by a weakened barrier, extreme dryness, intense itching, and increased sensitivity.
Our Topicrem range to adopt: DA PROTECT , our emollient face cream replenishes and soothes sensitive, very dry and atopic skin. This ultra-rich daily facial treatment reduces scratching and irritation and replenishes lipids for 24 hours.

Oily skin : Oily skin is characterized by overproduction of sebum, which can lead to enlarged pores, excessive shine and frequent blemishes. People with oily skin can benefit from gentle cleansers, non-comedogenic products, and ingredients such as zinc to regulate oil production. However, oily skin can also be sensitive and dehydrated, so avoid stripping products and do not neglect the hydration step, avoid products that are too abrasive which could stimulate the sebaceous glands and be counterproductive!
Our Topicrem range to adopt: AC CONTROL , specially formulated for combination to oily skin and acne-prone skin, it mattifies shine, reduces the appearance of pores and treats skin imperfections. A formidable range to find tighter skin texture and smooth skin texture!

Combination skin: Combination skin has a combination of normal/dry and oily areas on the face. It is often characterized by a T zone (forehead, nose, chin) more prone to shine and imperfections, while the cheeks may be dry. Adapting your skincare routine to target each specific area is crucial to maintaining a good balance.
Our Topicrem range to adopt: AC CONTROL Mattifying Treatment, suitable for combination skin, provides the right dose of hydration to areas that need it while mattifying stubborn shine.

Normal skin: Normal skin is balanced, having an even texture and adequate hydration. It presents neither excess dryness nor shine, with barely visible pores, which makes it a skin type often considered ideal although very rarely present in the world population. It is nevertheless necessary to take care of it to maintain this harmony and maintain a perfectly healthy skin barrier.
Our Topicrem range to adopt: To maintain hydration, our iconic HYDRA+ range awakens the radiance of your skin while providing it with the active ingredients necessary for good health.

SOS care: Formulated for irritated skin, our CICA+ range is ideal when your skin or that of your baby needs repair. The combination of zinc, copper and manganese acts synergistically to limit the risk of bacterial proliferation. Another alternative, if you suffer from redness on the face, if you have a feeling of heating, our products from the CALM+ range calm, soothe, hydrate and protect.

Anti-spot care: All skin types can suffer from pigment spots, particularly after acne or spots linked to skin aging. Our MELA range corrects and prevents hyperpigmentation on all types of spots for a homogeneous, more unified and luminous complexion.

Which facial product to use?

We have developed simple products that are simple, pleasant to use and come in variety of forms to moisturize and treat all areas of your face. The first step for an effective routine is to remove makeup and cleanse the facial skin with a galenic adapted to your skin type. ry, sensitive skin will love the comforting, creamy texture of our gentle cleansing milk followed by Gentle Cleansing Gel for perfectly cleansed skin. Combination to oily skin will appreciate our AC Control micellar water followed by the purifying cleansing gel from the same range. And don't forget: all TOPICREM micellar waters remove waterproof makeup.

For a complete routine, applying a serum before your day cream is recommended. More concentrated, it will help treat a specific problem such as the appearance of the first signs of aging or pigmentation spots. You can choose our AH3 serum which corrects wrinkles or turn to the MELA anti-dark spots serum .

Our skincare creams are available in a range of textures, from the richest to the lightest to suit different skin types and different seasons. Thus, normal skin can use our rich HYDRA + radiance cream or our light HYDRA+ radiance cream in winter depending on the seasons.

And do not neglect the fragile eye contour area which needs care to prevent the appearance of fine dehydration lines. And before you go out, think of the finishing touch by moisturizing your lips with our Ultra-Moisturizing lip balm !

Once or twice a week, you can deeply care for your facial skin with a gentle exfoliation followed by a mask. Concentrated in active ingredients, masks work deep down to restore radiance and provide your skin with a shot of moisture.

And for a natural healthy glow effect, discover our radiance Progressive Tan which gives you a gradually tanned complexion without demarcation. Of course, you can't leave the house without applying a sun protection adapted to your phototype, from our SUN PROTECT collection or our HYDRA+ protective day cream . To moisturize your skin, discover our body care products to take care of your body!