8 beauty care tips you should adopt


Discover the importance of a beauty routine tailored to your skin, with our TOPICREM guide to the 8 most effective skincare tips. Simple steps to take care of yourself every day, without artifice, just the essentials for lasting well-being.


How to take care of your skin daily?

Taking care of your skin with the right products is like growing a garden. By choosing the right products, you offer your facial skin a natural balance, it needs to glow and stay healthy. TOPICREM gives you all the secrets to transform your routine, in order to achieve the ideal balance! Discover the 8 beauty care tips to adopt for healthy and radiant skin


1. Cleanse your skin morning and evening

Daily cleansing of the skin is an essential step in maintaining its health and vitality . By removing impurities, excess oil and makeup residue, cleansing allows your skin to breathe . A cleansing routine adapted to your skin type is therefore a fundamental step for healthy, radiant skin ready to face daily external aggressions.

For gentle and effective makeup removal , combination to oily skin can use AC CONTROL Purifying Micellar Water which removes makeup from both the face and eyes and effectively removes waterproof makeup .

Dry skin will opt for a creamier texture with HYDRA+ Gentle Cleansing Milk , which will be just as effective on waterproof makeup. However, if you are a fan of micellar water and you have dry skin , you can turn to HYDRA+ Gentle Micellar Water .

To optimize makeup removal, we also recommend double cleansing , finishing with HYDRA+ Gentle Cleansing Gel . Your skin will thus be freed from impurities, makeup, pollution and excess sebum and will regain radiance, freshness and vitality. Ready for her evening routine.

  • 2. Adopt the right moisturizing products in your facial routine

    Apply a moisturizer suited to your skin type to maintain its moisture balance and prevent dryness. It will only be more comfortable and radiant.

    With HYDRA+ Radiance Creams , you will find the ideal care companion for your face. Available in 3 textures ( Gel, Light or Rich ) to suit all skin types, in addition to its 24-hour hydration , it will provide anti-pollution action while reviving the radiance of your skin .

  • 3. Use sun protection whenever necessary

    Protect your skin from UV rays by applying a suitable sunscreen product, even on cloudy days, to preserve your skin and prevent premature aging .

    Our HYDRA+ Protective Day Cream SPF50 will be your ally for optimal protection combining hydration and radiance. By using this protective cream in your daily life, not only do you preserve your skin and prevent the premature appearance of wrinkles , but you also effectively protect it against blue light rays .


4. Restore softness and radiance to your skin

By gently removing dead cells from the skin's surface, exfoliation promotes cell renewal , revealing smoother, luminous skin. Exfoliated skin is better prepared to absorb the benefits of subsequent skincare products, maximizing their effectiveness. However, it is essential to choose exfoliants adapted to your skin type and not to exfoliate excessively, to avoid irritation.

Our essential ULTRA MOISTURIZING Gentle Scrub gently removes dead cells , smoothes and refines the texture of your skin . Its formula enriched with jojoba microbeads respects sensitive skin and acts without attacking your skin, for application on the face and body.

Also discover the MELA Anti-Dark Spot Instant Radiance Mask which, thanks to its double exfoliation , presents the advantages of a chemical and mechanical exfoliation. Formulated with the MELA complex, Gluconolactone and bamboo particles, this mask provides a new skin effect and an immediate boost of radiance.

  • 5. Eat a balanced diet

    The health of your skin is closely linked to your diet. Consciously choosing the foods on your plate is an essential step to nourishing your skin and giving it the radiance it deserves. AC CONTROL Clear Skin food supplements dedicated to combination, oily and acne-prone skin are specifically designed to complement your diet and boost the health and vitality of your skin from the inside . Composed of burdock, nettle, Zinc and B vitamins, they soothe inflammation and help to have clear and healthy skin.

    What foods should you eat for healthy skin?

    To maintain radiant skin, it is best to consume fruits, vegetables and omega-rich foods in your diet. These have essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, helping to maintain healthy, glowing skin. Favor, for example, fatty fish, oilseed dried fruits and green leafy vegetables.

    On the other hand, limit foods rich in fast sugars and dairy products, which can disrupt the natural balance of your skin. Foods high in saturated fat also impact your skin's natural oil production. As for alcohol and tobacco , excessive consumption can dehydrate the skin and cause the appearance of spots. Adopt a healthy and balanced diet now to remedy your facial skin problems.


6. Drink enough water

Well hydrated skin, both inside and out, offers undeniable benefits: it becomes plump, toned, and has fewer imperfections and redness . We recommend that you drink between 1.5 and 3 liters of water per day , to ensure supple and radiant skin, while protecting it from dryness.

  • 7. Revitalize your skin while you sleep

    Insufficient sleep deprives your body and mind of the time it needs to recharge and regenerate, compromising your overall well-being.

    As always, rest remains the essential secret for a healthy glow and a luminous complexion . While we sleep, our skin regenerates 8 times faster than during the day. This nighttime process helps reduce signs of fatigue , such as dark circles and fine lines.

  • 8. Take time for yourself

    Find ways to relax, meditate, do yoga, or simply go for walks outdoors. Healthy skin starts with a relaxed mind. Give your mind and skin a well-deserved break, promoting their regeneration and the return of their radiance.

TOPICREM adapts to all skin types

By adopting a suitable care routine, your skin will regain radiance, hydration, comfort, all signs of healthy skin that reveals all its beauty.

TOPICREM products are designed to support you in your daily life, whatever your skin type. By favoring quality ingredients and effective formulas, our products are committed to meeting the precise needs of your skin. By providing you with protective hydration and support for the skin barrier, we ensure radiant skin full of vitality.

With TOPICREM, discover beauty as a journey where each step gives you a little more well-being. 😄✨