Radiant hydration

What is dehydrated skin?
Many factors can cause dehydrated skin: they can be intrinsic or extrinsic, that is to say internal or external. In particular, you must pay attention to pollution, temperatures that are too cold or too hot and your lifestyle (alcohol, tobacco, etc.).
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Radiant hydration
  • Dry skin


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  • Dry skin


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Who is affected by dehydrated skin?

All skin types can show signs of dehydration. Indeed, dehydrated skin is a skin condition so you can have dehydrated oily skin in the same way as dehydrated dry skin! This is a temporary skin condition; you just need to follow some good tips to rehydrate your skin!

The Topicrem solution

It is important to use hygiene products and care products adapted to dehydrated sensitive skin which do not attack the skin, maintain water in the epidermis and repair the skin barrier. Our HYDRA+ range fights against dehydrated skin: it intensely hydrates the skin, and awakens its radiance for an immediate healthy glow.