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If you've always dreamed of healthy, hydrated and glowing skin, without an overly complex beauty routine, look no further. TOPICREM products are designed to transform your skincare routine and provide you with a unique beauty experience. Explore in this article the diversity of TOPICREM products and their numerous benefits for your well-being.

How to use the complete TOPICREM care range?

TOPICREM is not simply a dermatological laboratory; it is a family story which has evolved to become a reference in dermo-cosmetics , offering a complete range of care . Since 1993, our commitment to everyone's well-being has resulted in the design of effective and innovative solutions , meeting the complex needs of the face, body and hair.
Concerned about your well-being, our products are carefully designed to provide protective hydration and support the skin barrier of all sensitive skin. Whether for the face or body, our unique formulas adapt perfectly to each person's needs, leaving your skin smooth, soft and radiant . But our commitment does not stop there. We extend our actions to hair, offering a complete solution to counter dry hair . Our products reveal revitalized, stronger and more radiant hair.


Which body product: TOPICREM MELA, the new favorite?

Explore a diverse range of products designed to meet all the needs of your skin , even the most sensitive. For a targeted need, such as the correction and prevention of spots , you will find our product MELA Ultra-Moisturizing Unifying Milk . Infused with the MELA complex, this iconic milk with proven effectiveness on all types of stains, restores radiance and uniformity to your skin. Its light, non-greasy formula penetrates quickly to deeply nourish your skin , leaving it soft, supple and fragrant.


Intense and long-lasting hydration

For lasting hydration, ULTRA-MOISTURIZING Body Milk is your ideal ally. Whether you have dry or very dry areas , this body milk is designed to remedy all situations. Thanks to its formula enriched with moisturizing and protective agents , it preserves the skin barrier from daily aggressions and ensures 48-hour hydration .

Enjoy a pleasant moment by delicately massaging your skin, and don't forget to repeat the experience twice a day for optimal hydration .

Discover our complete range of body products on TOPICREM BODY .

Which TOPICREM product for the face?

The TOPICREM range of facial products offers optimal effectiveness , combining high quality ingredients with innovative formulations . Designed by dermatology experts, our products are specially adapted to all sensitive skin . Among the essential products in the facial product range, ourHYDRA+ Moisturizing Radiance Serum stands out for its effectiveness and its intense hydrating power. This serum is concentrated in moisturizing agents, helping to stimulate the flow of hydration at the heart of the skin. Find the new products and best sellers from our facial care range on TOPICREM FACE .

Which TOPICREM product to choose to enhance your hair?

Healthy hair is an important part of your identity and plays a vital role in your self-confidence . The health of our hair reflects our overall well-being. Just like the skin on our face or body, our hair requires suitable products .

The hair treatments offered by TOPICREM are specialized for sensitive scalps . If you have curly , frizzy and frizzy hair, our TOPICREM Karité Intense Fortifying Mask is the real secret to effectively nourishing your hair! Thanks to a trio of dermatological ingredients , our hair mask works gently and deeply to tone your hair , nourish it and strengthen it.

Explore the world of hair essentials on TOPICREM hair , where each product is designed to preserve a good balance of the scalp and hair fiber.

Who can use TOPICREM products?

The answer is simple: everyone ! Our products are designed to suit all skin types , whether you have dry, normal, combination or oily skin. TOPICREM offers solutions for sensitive skin for the whole family.

All the advantages of TOPICREM products


1. Protective hydration

We are committed to preserving the health and beauty of sensitive skin for the whole family by developing treatments that offer protective hydration and respect for the skin barrier .

  • 2. High tolerance ingredients with proven effectiveness

    By following a reasoned formulation charter , we select our ingredients for their proven effectiveness and their tolerance , favoring, when possible, dermatological ingredients of natural origin .

  • 3. Formulas clinically tested on sensitive skin

    In order to guarantee optimal safety and tolerance , we are supported by toxicologists and we systematically test our products under dermatological control on sensitive skin .

  • 4. Effectiveness proven by science, approved by patients

    The effectiveness of our formulas is attested by rigorous clinical studies on a large number of volunteers and our collaboration with healthcare professionals and patient associations reflect our commitment to the well-being of everyone.

  • 5. Serving well-being dermatology

    We develop formulas with a positive emotional impact on well-being to allow everyone to feel confident and to better open up to others and thus enjoy life to the fullest.

  • 6. French manufacturing born from pharmaceutical excellence

    Brand created by an independent pharmaceutical laboratory for over 30 years , we manufacture all of our products in France , ensuring their excellence and quality .

  • 7. Responsible approach

    We work to reduce our environmental impact by following a responsible purchasing charter, minimizing the number of ingredients and packaging, and promoting the use of recycled materials .


You deserve the best for your skin

With TOPICREM products we offer you the possibility of regaining radiant and well-hydrated skin . For more than 30 years, we have guaranteed protective hydration for all skin, even sensitive, via formulas with clinically proven effectiveness , to always meet the expectations of our consumers as closely as possible.

Your skin deserves the best, TOPICREM offers you what we do best for it.